Week 2 – Grandson?

After a night at Sip and Strokes (drinking wine and painting high heeled shoes), my girls and I decided to head over to a nearby cigar bar/restaurant to grab a bite to eat.  I sauntered into the dimly lit restaurant after my crew and was surprised to see a group of men standing near the doorway.  Without looking obvious, I glanced at a few faces and surmised that there were a few cuties in the room.  I strutted through the pack and, before I could reach my girls, I was greeted by one of the wolves.  He donned a brown fedora, his face was handsomely chiseled and his body was muscular.

We chatted briefly and, since the wait for a table was too long, my girls decided to leave.  I handed him my card on the way out and told him to call me.  My phone rang the next day.  Two for two thus far…let’s hope the next 50 dates are just as eager.  Highly unlikely though, I live in Atlanta where Black women outnumber Black men (especially if you desire an educated one).

After numerous failed attempts to meet over the holidays, we finally connected after the New Year and met at a local café.  I did not remember exactly how he looked and hoped the dim lighting at the cigar bar where we first met did not mask a trick eye or a jacked up smile.

He saw me first and, as he walked closer, I noticed how much older he looked.  Still attractive, but the excessive moles on his face aged him significantly.  He leaned in closer and handed me a white rose.  I honestly cannot remember the last time anyone gave me a flower on a first date.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think it has ever happened.  Okay, maybe once.

The conversation began with the normal run down of things he probably shares with all his prey, I mean dates.  However, the longer he spoke, the more his voice annoyed me.  It was raspy with a weird Southern dialect (I later found out he was from Northern Virginia…the same neighborhood as Michael Vick).  As he talked, his pace sped up and his words became garbled.  I got tired of asking him to repeat himself and started half listening; ahhh…this was going to be a long date.

This man loved to talk.  Showing genuine interest, he found my occupation intriguing and inquired about my hobbies.  He voiced his frustrations about being a parent.  His teenage son was driving him crazy and would rather play Xbox than go to off-season football training.  I could see the annoyance in his grimace.

Then, instantaneously, the mood shifted.  His facial expression became more pleasant and he began to smile.  He picked up his cell phone and showed me a picture of the most adorable hazel-eyed, caramel hued baby.  “Now, this is my pride and joy…my grandson.”

Wick-ey…Wick- ey…eerrrrrr.   If I were a DJ, my turntable would have come to a screeching halt.

I repeated, “Grandson?!?”

Not to mention this is the son of his daughter by his first wife.  Yes, this implied that he was married more than once.

My mind began processing.  So…hypothetically, if I married this man, I would not only be viewed as a wife, but a Nana, Mee-Maw, Glam-Ma or some other term of endearment before I am known as a mother?


My future grandchild would be bossing around their younger Aunt or Uncle, telling them what to do.  I reflected on this a bit and I asked myself “Am I emotionally equipped to go from single with no kids to grandma?”  As Whitney Houston used to say on Being Bobby Brown, “Hell to the Naw!”

He looked puzzled and asked, “What’s wrong?”  I ended my mulling and brought my focus back to our conversation.

With a straight face, I replied “Nothing.”

The rest of the date was a blur.  I heard snippets of shared interests, something about an older son, and the name of one of his cronies that tried to hit on me a few months ago.  None of it really mattered.

The significance of the white rose finally occurred to me.

The most we can ever be is friends.

6 thoughts on “Week 2 – Grandson?

  1. Granny.. I think that would great way to start a marriage.LOL Just think of it like this all the Grandpas would find you to be a sexy granny that can still twerk.

  2. Something you have to think about if dating someone around our age is that most of our children are having grandchildren. Might I say Modern Family comes to mind! I wouldn’t knock a man in this situation, but that is definitely a question to explore if they want children. Can’t wait for date #3…on to the next one!

    • You’re right! Prior to this date, I had not thought of being a grandparent at age 41. I only had dreams of becoming a parent someday. More importantly, I need to make sure my potential mate wants to have more children if they already have them.

  3. I second that ‘hell to the naw!’ If I have waited this long to have a child, I’m not skipping steps. I will NOT be a grandma before I’m a mom. Go head chica!

    Asking if he wants any, or additional kids, is a MUST. I get that one out of the way early on.

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