Week 3 – My Intro to Crazy (Date 3 – Part 1)

On Thursday evening, I looked into the night sky and noticed it was clear with a luminescent glow.  That’s typically the sign of a full moon.  Urban legend suggests that, if something crazy were to happen, it is likely to occur during this lunar cycle.  Some call it the lunar-lunacy effect.  Crime rates rise, hospital emergency rooms experience an influx of patients, and people do things out of the norm.  Not overly superstitious, I didn’t think anything of it and started to mentally prepare for my next date.

Date number three was different.  He wasn’t my typical Carlton Banks type, i.e. usually kind of nerdy, wears Ralph Lauren shirts, pretty straight-laced…an All-American Black man.  My date-to-be was just a regular guy who grew up in Detroit.

Let’s go back to how I met this potential date. We originally locked eyes at the bar at Dave & Buster’s (I refer to it as home of the “Busters”) and I was intrigued by his quick wit and humor.  I jokingly said that he rode the “short bus” and he retorted with “I scored 1460 on my SAT” proving to me that he was no dummy.  My left eyebrow rose slightly as I swallowed my cocktail…hmmm, interesting fellow…maybe I should get to know him better.  It took a while for us to connect, and that was only after running into each other again a few weeks later.

Since he worked the night shift and I worked during the day, he suggested we go out on Saturday.  He said he was a planner and I was excited that he took the initiative to plan something.  Saturday rolled around and I finally received these text messages:

Text 1

Please note the first text was sent at 1:29 p.m.  This is the first time he told me that he planned on picking me up.  I would have told him earlier this week that I planned to meet him for our first date…if he had bothered to ask.  I didn’t even know his legal name until this text, so why is he trippin’?

Text 2

Really, dude?  I don’t know you.  I don’t understand why you have a problem not picking me up and meeting me out for our first date.  In this situation, most men would respond by stating that they understand my concerns and just meet me somewhere for the date.  End of discussion.  But this dude is not the norm and is clearly following the beat of his own drum.  Why is this still a topic of discussion two hours later?  Yes, this is awkward and you’re making me feel awkward.

Text 3 And 4

The commentary continues.  I shared that I want to feel safe (my Aunt just reminded me to be safe a few days ago).  Dude has the audacity to tell me that he’s going to Twin Peaks tomorrow and makes a suggestion for us to meet for a drink.  Right now, I am no longer interested and I think he is a little nuts.  I no longer want to go out with him and I have stopped responding.

Text 5 And 6

LOL…well, I’m not laughing or answering your phone calls because I am done.  My phone isn’t lost…I’m ignoring you.  Your commentary is in vain, please save it for someone who cares.  And WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME IN ALL CAPS?   I’m in control, not you.  And you’re checking ME (Who gon’ check me BOO)?

It finally dawned on him that I wasn’t going to answer his calls or respond to his text messages.  He slowly came to the realization that any chance of getting to know me was gone and all communication came to a halt.

Whew, that was exhausting and I am glad that it’s over.  I had high hopes for date number three, but the lunar-lunacy effect took over and left me scrambling to find a replacement.  I wish I could tell you this is the end of my story, but this full moon has a choke hold on me.

–          TO BE CONTINUED     –

8 thoughts on “Week 3 – My Intro to Crazy (Date 3 – Part 1)

  1. Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!!!! Anyone that has a problem with you prioritizing your safety has serious issues. On to the next, on on to the next.

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