Instead of coming up with the typical New Year’s resolutions such as lose weight, run a marathon, take an art class, etc. I decided to challenge myself to go on 52 dates in 52 weeks.   My dating life has been lackluster as of late and if I plan to marry someday, I need to increase my dating pool.  Period.  I have not been on a real date in months.  This is about to change…starting now.

I know you are probably thinking to yourself, this is a lot of dating. Yes, I have to agree.  My anxiety is kicking in and I am overwhelmed thinking about it.  But my single status will not change unless I open myself to new possibilities – one week at a time.

How do I plan on finding my dates, you ponder?  By attending weekly social events, searching online dating sites, being set up by friends and associates, my mother (God help me), my best friend’s mother…pretty much anyone who knows a seemingly date-able guy that is open to meeting someone new.

Who knows?  My potential mate may be a random man I meet on an elevator, at the finish line of a local 5K, or at the bar of one of Atlanta’s trendiest watering holes.  I am ready to embark on my dating journey.

Without further adieu…

52 Dates Await

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